Am I Evil? (Star Trek Adventures GM Thought)

My group is about to start a Star Trek Adventures campaign. Originally, one of the PCs wanted to be captain, but now the group has said that they may rather that they had an NPC captain.

This gave me a terrible twitching in my GM brain.

The default time frame of Star Trek Adventures is just before the beginning of the Dominion war. I am strongly tempted to have the captain of their ship be a Changeling. I was already going to have the group brush up against a Section-31 plot, to give them the whole “is this who we are now” vibe about Starfleet moving in to a war footing.

If the captain is a Changeling, that gives the crew even more impetus to investigate Section-31, because the captain will actually be curtailing their ability to develop plans against the Dominion.

If I go this route, I’m thinking of having the actual captain replaced by the Changeling still alive and rescued by the crew at some point in time (possibly as a “reveal” that they just recused the Captain, who is that on our ship?).

How evil in a good or bad way is this?

This is a wonderful plot. It’s the kind of twist that will keep the players telling stories about this game for a long time. I personally would love to play in a game like that.
It’s good story telling to have both an epic low key back ground plot that gains momentum and eventually shows itself as the real story all a long. While having episodes that build the momentum of that plot line and in some cases only brush that plot line with little clues.
(I hope that makes sense. )
Go give them an adventure.! :grinning:

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An intermediate peak, where they uncover the location of a band of Changelings, that may be holding critical hostages. The “captain” is going to suppress fire and movement using PDCs, but to save the hostages, you need to do a precise pinpoint raid. Trying to time the reveal for the end of a session, they defeat the last of the guards, but they know more will come from the sound of klaxons echoing through the hallways. They pull up the hood on the last hostage, as their ship fills the windows behind him. “So, see you all next time.” Cold pack and leave with the captain’s id badge and DNA profile on the table.
N.B. Turn your phone off while driving home.

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I don’t play Star Trek…but this sounds like a really cool idea to build up to. Go for it. Not evil at all…

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WOW! I love this idea. And @alevans had some great add ons. I really like the idea of rescuing the real captain, super clever.

Also, I realize I’m behind on my Star Trek, as there were absolutely points of the premise that I didn’t track. But that’s my fault.

Phenomenal scheme.