Alternity Star Drive

For those who like soft core sci fi, Alternity has a space opera setting called Star Drive. Set after the Galactic War II, the party explores the long isolated Verge and encounters human and alien civilizations. An intro adventure serves to help learn the Alternity system, if people feel called to explore the stars we can see about playing multiple sessions.

Fast play rules:

Setting: The Verge

The Verge is an area of space isolated for decades during the Second Galactic War. Severed from their home governments the settlement here grew into civilizations in their own right, some moving forward in peace, and others continuing the wars of home.

The Galactic War ended years ago, and the Galactic Concord was formed to preserve the peace. Contact has been re-established with the verge. For better or worse, the former colonial powers and the Concord are trying to assert themselves in the politics of the Verge.

Adventure: The Show Must Go On

Concord Administrator Tablo Xim has a bold plan to ensure their promotion up the ranks of the Galactic Concord. They have invested significant personal wealth into negotiating peace between warring factions on a moon system in a out-of-the-way system called Magnolia. If the plan works, Xim is a shoe-in to be system admin, and from their, maybe eventually administer the whole Verge! Xim has convinced the warring parties to sign a treaty at the end of a space “peace cruise.”

The Player Characters are staff and crew of the space liner, charged with the duty to protect the diplomatic parties and provide inspiring entertainment as part of a cultural exchange. Xim has high expectations and the diplomatic parties are unrealistically demanding about the entertainment. No matter what happens: pirate attack, curious psychic phenomenon, or a complete failure of life support systems, the Show Must Go On.

Game Details

Proposed game date: 3/20/21 at 2:00 PM EST until 5:30 PM
I am very flexible on that date, so if the day works but another time would be preferable, we can negotiate an alternate time.

If the date does not work, we can always hash out a different Saturday, or agree that some folks may just have to play another time (I’d be happy to).

I will post more info about the game soon. I intend to have some prefab characters, some info related to consent about content of the session, and guidance if you want to DIY for your PC.


I don’t run for strangers often (and I look forward to a time when I cannot use that word to describe any of you) so I’ll use the Consent in Gaming form from Monte Cook Games to help us stay on the same page as far as content and tone. I don’t anticipate consent issues in “The Show Must Go On” but then, I’m a cis-straight-white-middle-class-man so the things I don’t know shouldn’t surprise anyone. Hence, the form. I’ll add my list for this game (it will be different in other games). I want to keep it light this time.

I hope this link works:

You can find your own copy of the form (I think it is a great tool) for free:

@Rweston and @Hobbs, I messaged you directly, but in case this is more visible, how do you feel about playing 3 hours for the one-shot on a weekend afternoon in June? My wife is interested in joining.

I have character sheet for the game on this Saturday, June 12th in this drop box:

Note the PDFs are laid out a bit weird, all the info you’ll be using is on the last two pages.

@Rweston, feel free to pick a character. I’ll let my wife know where the characters are, she’ll probably pick last minute.

I’ll post the zoom link once I can log into the account. Anybody who wants to play is welcome to join, June 12th at 2:00 PM EST until about 5:00 PM EST, space romp in old Alternity, see above for other info

Hi Isaiah!

I picked the Roadie - looking forward to the game.

A very successful one shot! @Rweston dug into the game with gusto and we had an awesome time.

We’re looking for d4 other players for a Dark Matter Alternity game, with less silliness and more “edge,” but just as much fun.

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