Alice Is Missing One Shot

Going to try coordinate a date, time and muster.

@Harrigan, @Kevthulhu, @Xer0Rules, @jwallace, @LaramieWall, and one more

@Kevthulhu has the game on Roll20. We’d use that for cards, etc. We’d use discord for the actual texting, which I have all ready to go.

Sooo, date/time preference below, choose as many as applies to you.

  • Sunday AM
  • Sunday PM
  • Monday PM
  • Tuesday PM
  • Wednesday PM
  • Thursday PM
  • Friday PM
  • Saturday AM
  • Saturday PM
  • Any of the above

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Oops! No Tuesday for me! Thanks!

Looks like Thursday it is!!


How about December 3rd, 8pm cdt?

I think Larry is east, Kev and I are central, then Harigan in mountain, and Mike in pst. So yeah, spanning the US. Probably looking at 2.5 hours. 30-45 for prep and 90 runtime, maybe 10-30 wrap up.

That’s really the only Thursday I can’t do, I have a standing meeting on the 1st Thursday of the month.

How about the 10th. Should we nail down the 10th?

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The 10th at 9pm EST works for me.

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10th sounds good!

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I could actually do the third. Looks like it’s moved on from there, but if a table formed around that, I could.

Did I miss my opportunity?

We’re tapped at 5 people. Unless someone bails. I will want to run again @jwallace

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Thursday the 10th I will be looking for Alice.

10th will work for me as well.

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