Agon Game?

@Luckstrider, @Harrigan and I are looking for 1 or 2 more folks to play Agon with in the summer once schedules open up.

Heroes travelling home from the war get waylaid by strange islands in need of heroes to solve the conflicts put by in place by the fickle wills of the gods. You play those heroes competing for glory and favour to cement your legacy through the ages.

If you are interested chime in below.

I just found the player kit PDF, and it looks great. I’m interested in playing, as long as schedules work out.

Cool! I think it is going to be a bit before schedules will align due to other games and commitments, but will ping everyone here once it starts to come together.

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Just checking in here, as expected my end of June and through the next week hasn’t been conducive to gaming. However after that I think things settle down and open up. Now checking in on my games on offer.

It sounds like from other posts that some folks will be busy for a while yet. Shall I check in again in August or do folks have a sense when they will be available?

My availability is good for the next month or so. Weekends or weeknights besides Wednesday and Friday work best for me.

How is August looking for availability folks?

Starting in October, things open up for me a bit…

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My September has filled up a bit, so October is likely best for me as well.

How does the new year look for trying to get this to the virtual table?

Rough for me for a bit with BSer Con coming up and my trying to get a game of my own to the table before then. But don’t wait on me!

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