Against the Darkmaster Kickstarter

I’m going to be back tomorrow with a full article about this published with Black Gate Magazine. For now, though, I wanted to get word here of an “Early Bird” special—$10 off the physical materials limited to 100 units.

Against the Darkmaster is inspired by Middle-Earth Role Playing and the Rolemaster family of d100 systems. In my opinion, standout features are character background options and the spell casting system.

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And here is my little article about it. The audience for this article is more of a casual gaming crowd, not the hardcores we are here, but it does draw attention to my deeper analysis at The Rolemaster Blog.

Another draw to this project, for me, is the evocative art. It feels inspired by folks like Angus McBride (obviously) and Ralph Bakshi, and there promises to be a lot of it. I’ve been following the creators’ progress for awhile, and I keep seeing new images.

Funny - I read this as against the “Darkmaster Kickstarter.” I wondered why you were against it and clicked…

Semper Fidelis & Good Gaming All

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