Afrofantasy 5e setting and MMO

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. I backed this Kickstarter because of the interesting take on an MMO and their African-themed setting. They have a goals to make both MMO and tabletop experiences part of a larger community, so there’s no pdf-only or MMO-only options. Still, even if you just back for the pdf portion of the books and never play in the beta, I don’t think the price is terrible. They have a free lore book that show cases the art and setting (but not the editing so much).

If you back and join the discord as Ikaki (you’ll see what that means if you join), hit me up!


I did a first impression article for this on my blog recently. Really love how this looks so far.


I will probably back; but I have 0 need for the MMO access. Feels like I’ll be paying for something I don’t need or want.


I am definitely more interested in the 5e tabletop material, although it’s really interesting to me how they are planning to integrate the MMO background material and the tabletop setting material.

This is very interesting, how both industries are taking the opportunity to mesh together media like this. Read in an article that Fandom is doing the same. They’re coming out with a TTRPG based on The Dragon Prince Netflix series (Powered by Cortex Prime) and there’s also a video game they’re working on as well for the same series. Makes you wonder where the TTRPG industry will be in 10-20 years.

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Some future stuff happening here

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Wait. Fandom? Like D&D Beyond/Wookiepedia Fandom?

Man, I used to work with their teams pretty hard until 2017. I wonder if I still know anyone over there.

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@joe Yes, the very same one! I’m actually going to test an online character sheet creation tool for them next week for their Cortex Prime game. That division is called Fandom Tabletop, if I’m not mistaken.

Yeah, I don’t seem to recognize anyone in Management there now. Bummer!