About the Gaming Moot category

We have a Google Spreadsheet that has a list of games, game masters, along with date/times that you can explore and sign up to run or play different tabletop role-playing games. We refer to that as the Gaming & BS Roundtable.

THIS forum is for game masters to post more details of their games, details that may not fit into the aforementioned spreadsheet, and a way to communicate with those that signed up for specific games - examples include links to pregens, house rules, method to direct message players their passwords to your VTT, etc.

Players, this is a place to ask questions about the game posted in the Roundtable spreadsheet, and get updates on the game, answer questions, get links to pregens, etc.

Easy Steps:

  1. GM’s - Create a post here about your game -OR- post to Roundtable spreadsheet

Players - visit the Roundtable spreadsheet and peruse posted games on ‘Offering to Run’ sheet -OR- enter games you’d like to play on the ‘Looking to Play’ sheet. Enter your info.

  1. GM’s - create a post here on Gaming Moot so that players can inquire about your game.
    Players - you can inquire about a posted game to it’s gm here on Gaming Moot assuming the GM has setup a post.

  2. Play

So game on you crazy gamer!