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Similar to a gaming convention’s exhibit hall, this forum category is where you can find the creative works of other members of the GBS community.

For the creatives of the GBS community, this is your place to post your website, blog, shop on DriveThru, podcast, etc, so that other members can find your work(s).

This is not intended to post a new blog post, or a new Kickstarter. Please put those under Die Roll.

These do not have to be gaming related.

For creatives…

  • Links are welcome, we’d prefer one post to sum up your ventures if you are tackling multiple things. e.g. list all your podcasts/youtubes in one post please.

  • Description - tell the visitor what your creation is about, how long you’ve been doing it, anything special about your venture.


Hi, I’m Vece and I do occasional Cartography

I also Do some Game Design collaboration stuff

And I also do some RPG design / writing / creation work with Fear The Boot on their Skies of Glass Project

When I’m not doing these things Im working with @Fafhrd on mapping the great City of Avalon, do some creative writing (I dont have a website (yet?)), and recently have been recruiting people to join the ranks of Delta Green

MOTiVE is my little 'zine that I publish (almost) quarterly. MOTiVE started out as an APA in the 90’s that my friends and I put out. In 2019 I decided to resurrect the concept after being re-exposed to 'zine culture. In MOTiVE I’ve tried to pick one “thing” to work on for a year.

Volume one is The Green-Golden Rade, a faerie realm that takes the form of a rade (road) - one that can connect any two places in your campaign. Terrible fey nobles placed the hearts of unrequited lovers in amber stelae as its milestones when it was fashioned by the labors of their enchanted slaves. Now the Green-Golden Rade reaches out to the world, yearning for heart-sick, passionate, or desperate travelers.

The second year I explored Redthorn, a game about finding your place in a society gone mad with horrific yet alluring magic from Elsewhere, a wilder and more chaotic realm that has collided with the known world. Once the apex species, humans are now one of many groups that struggle to understand alchemy, steam science, and the tainted power of the Others. Explore the demesne of Redthorn, where the four great curses hold sway over all living things…and some beings that may not be alive at all. (FYI had some health challenges, only 3 issues last year. 2020!)

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