380 Duet Gaming

Big announcement in this one.

We talk about 1:1 play, one game master and one player.



Catching up on a few episodes before the big going off!
I’m curious which episodes we listeners think are some of G&BS’ best episodes.


Thank you for the 380+ episodes guys. I have really enjoyed all the banter and topics over the years since Misdirected Mark sent me over this way to listen. You have been one of my two regular every week podcast features.

I was somewhat afraid when you made the announcement earlier switching to every two weeks it was this one sunsetting the show. That timing coincided with my other main podcast going on full hiatus for a major health issue for the main show runner. They are getting back on over the next few months, so big thank you for keeping my podcast input levels up.

On the topic of duets, this has been my biggest disconnect between RPGs that claim to emulate or be faithful to Sword & Sorcery and what I am looking to experience to match my expectation. In so much of the S&S fiction, it is often one hero or heroine out adventuring in or against the world. And when it isn’t a single hero it is hero plus companion with widely different skill sets or powers (not at the same “level” as so many parties are). So the classic party based RPGs don’t ever really feel like S&S adventures or stories to me. Perhaps this is part of why D&D was so associated with Lord of the Rings in public imagination, the start of that story is much more like the party structure present in many RPGs.

I am looking for a two or three player S&S RPG, or possibly a solo one, to get that exceptional hero or hero with companion feel of S&S. I suspect you or the BSers will have a few suggestions in that vein for me to track down.

Thanks again for the great content and looking forward to the last episodes.


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I too was wondering if the frequency of recordings drop (and likely-related drop in traffic here on the forums) was a harbinger of things to come…

Speaking of that - what are your online community support plans?

You know I’ve been a cheerleader and supporter from early days, so the feelings of loss are real.

The newsletter does not mention this Discourse forum…


@sean @Fafhrd Is this just an oversite, or an indication that you ware winding down support for this forum?

Adding to the show notes: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-ia6tj-12150f8. We had a great interview with Brett (thanks @Fafhrd !!!).

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Finally got a chance to listen to the episode, and it says the forum will be shutting in July.

@sean said kinda disparaging things about the decrease in participation. Yeah, between splitting the community with Discord, the decrease in episode creation, and the hosts posting on discord 100x more than here in the final months… Just sayin’

Let’s not judge the quality of the community based on it’s final days. That’d be lame. Let’s preserve the good stuff that we nurtured here.

By far, this was my favorite place to read and post about RPGs. The gang here was awesome, and for me, Discord is no replacement.

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I have to say I’ve not posted much lately - but I just can’t wrap my head around discord - these forums are my main contact point for the community. (I do follow a bunch of folks on twitter - but it’s not a place for discussion like the forums).

I can understand not wanting to maintain the site - that’s totally up to Sean - but I doubt I’ll be on Discord much as I just can’t wrap my head around communicating there.

Definitely going to miss this forum.

In addition - listening to the last two episodes - it certainly doesn’t SEEM like you’ve run out of steam or insights or topics. Just sayin.


No one is judging the quality of the community.
They both flat out said the community is amazing, and they are excited to be a part of it moving forward. They are keeping the Discord going, as well as planning at least one more BSer Con.

You not liking Discord as a replacement is your choice. Please don’t project.

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Rory, we’d love to have you. If your concern is wrapping your head around it, and you’d like to give it a shot, there are a number of excellent moderators that would be MORE than happy to help you. Cheers, friend.

Thank Laramie - I will give it a shot.

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@brett “We’re going to shitcan the forums”

@sean “There’s just very little going on…if there’s not a lot of posts then we need to just can it.”

What about that is me projecting? How do those comments sound to you?

None of the forum community’s historical value was considered in those brief remarks. Thats the kinda thing Google said when they shutdown G+, destroying lots of great and meaningful conversations and connections.

I just want to find a way to save the great discussions we had here on RPGs.

For example, I’m assuming that the website comments are still going to live on? Why those and not the posts here?

There are ways to archive this stuff and turn it into web pages.

Perhaps we could migrate the discussions here to the website comments, or something?

I’m not going to argue with you, mostly because I don’t really care.

Yes, the website comments will probably still be there, because that’s a separate site. I’m not going to volunteer Sean to do a bunch of extra work to “migrate the discussions here to the website.” If you would like to volunteer your time to do that, go for it.

The list of supporters is long, and it’s foolish to think that these two amazing hosts have gotten more than they’ve given. If they’re done giving, I appreciate what we’ve had gifted to us and I for one won’t be telling them what they still owe us.


Some of us care.

Actually, I’ve been researching exactly how to do this, and found at least one solution that is not a “bunch of work”.

Thank goodness no one here has said (or thinks) anything of the sort.

What I’ve been trying to say is that @brett and @sean have nurtured their community into a sum greater than it’s parts, including these forum discussions. It’d be a shame to just have all that wonderful legacy just disappear when it could be converted into a simple archive.


Not a very fair sentiment. 2 Dudes with a hobby CANNOT be put into the same sentence with Google. Change is inevitable and us old dudes & gals need to adapt whether we like it or not. There are benefits to the forums, but there is a cost in time and money. I think in the end there is not enough activity to justify that output. It is sad but reality.


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OK. Fair shake about the G+ comment. The language at the beginning of this podcast hit me pretty hard… First word was “Shitcan” - as in throw in the trash as worse than worthless.
[Funny thing is that I started at Google just as G+ was about to shutdown and lobbied hard internally to allow Archive.org to make a copy of the public forums there (G had been blocking that until then.)]

Now I’m just trying to make sure there’s a copy, somewhere.

@HOOS-karl - your latest post and mine were simultaneous. What do you think about the options I researched?