373.5 X-over Third Floor Wars

A special crossover episode. This week we feature an episode from Craig Shipman’s podcast Third Floor Wars. In this episode Craig interviews Sage LaTorra, co-creator of Dungeon World. Enjoy.

Dropping Jan 14, 2022.



@sean, ye devious bugger, ye did it. That was a great interview and I’m now subscribed to check out more.

When I first started listening to RPG podcast, they were exclusively interviews. Then they all started sounding the same. This was much like listening to Backstory or some of the other originals from back in the day.

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Very good interview, a few notes:

I would have liked it if Sage explained the system of Dungeon World a bit more. Craig was asking for inspirations and such without the two ever really covering how the system worked. Without reading the book, a listener wouldn’t be clear on exactly what they were talking about when referencing mechanics.

The section where they start talking about inclusivity and separating art from artist garnered a few eyerolls. Two straight white guys patting themselves on the back for being such good allies and airing their white guilt isn’t exactly engaging radio.

Again, overall I really enjoyed it, including the thought experiment of “what would roleplaying games evolved from other cultures or games look like?”

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