368 Hack Job or No

Do we only want a solid core mechanic and then we lean on outside skills or ideas? In short, how much do we like to tinker/develop mechanics ourselves?


Enjoying this week’s attempt by Brett to understand Sean’s enigmatic GMing philosophy!

I find myself hacking by bolting on subsystems and tweaking spell lists…esp for clerics.
I hate the one size fits all clerics lists…and I experience rage when I see fey patron warlocks with hellfire and armor of agathys spells… I can’t NOT hack at the generic d&d spell lists.

I want to request some sort of G&BS product featuring the phrase…
“Brett’s Mom thinks 《insert hack/game system》 is cool!!!”

Awesome show as always!


This one is speaking to me, because I’m in the middle of it.

I’m just getting ready to start a campaign, and it’s mixed bag. I COULD use this game or that game, but the game that I feel is “simple” enough to be light and painless for this group of players, but still have the player options without everything being GM fiat is Castles and Crusades. But we’re already bolting things on. One player wants to be a wild mage? Easy enough, just use the basic wizard, and we can use the wild mage table from the AD&D Tome of Magic. I think welding things on is great, but I think the foundation has to be sturdy, or the base you’re bolting to just falls over.