361 End Goal in Mind

It is all that you need in your #ttrpg to get your characters to where they want to be.


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I do a very open format game and follow the lead of the players as they decide what they want to do or the direction they take. I have a campaign where the characters are emerging gods in a cyberpunk world. Getting them to the “end goal” of the campaign is proving difficult.

The antagonist is another god who wants to rebuild the world in their image by becoming a world leader and industrial tycoon. The players know who it is, what they want, why they want it, and have decided to stop them. However, they never actually try to find their foe. I keep the bad guy moving forward with plans and, thus, forcing players to clean up the messes. I’d really like to finish this campaign but they are have too much fun to force a confrontation!

I’m doing the same thing Brett mentioned: trying to understanding what is holding them back and be willing to rethink the real ending. What really is the end goal? Is it really to directly defeat the bad guy or simply make their plan unattainable.

Or…Perhaps it’s time for a little railroad!! I kid.