358 You Meet in a Tavern

Recording date: Monday, Sept 6, 202 ONNNNNNE!!!


Creative ways to bring an adventuring party together outside the normal cliche.

Personally, I haven’t started a game in a tavern, bar, pub, watering hole, local brewery, pint palace, winery, meeting hall, soup kitchen, diner, restaurant, inn and tavern (not to be mistaken with just an inn or just the aforementioned tavern), or bed & breakfast in quite some time.

A trope as it may be, I’m always tempted to have a adventure of whatever game take place entirely in one of those. Except we do flashbacks during play to see what happened to individual characters leading up to their arrival at this establishment. Kind of like From Dusk Til Dawn but edited by Christopher Nolan.


One non cliche way is see if the players have any ideas. They don’t alway, but sometimes players can be brilliant if you let them. I once had a group of players who decided to form a magic school. The players basically started the game. They established their bonds and how they knew each other and we were off. That game never wanted for things to do. And after a long campaign, they eventually did it. I think players sometimes want to have more authorship than they often get. Having an open ended campaign where they have more say can be a blast. However, there were many a time I would work up an adventure that they would pass on. Then I would have to create one on the fly. Fortunately, I generally found ways to recycle those adventures. To this day that is still one of my favorite D&D campaigns

Fate and PbthA games do this but strangely not many other games.

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