357 Always Be Prepping


Always be prepping rpg’s. Many people don’t think Brett does any prep for his games, but that’s not necessarily true.


Just finished this one. And it really resonated with me. I am the worst of both worlds. I sit and prep a lot, but I’m also always thinking about it.


One of my favorite things about running games is thinking about these things. I write down a lot of the stuff I cook up in my musings in my phone or one of several note books. Most of the time it does not relate to any adventure I’m running but I can use it (or never use it?) some other time


I really enjoyed this episode - It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who spends his days constantly thinking about gaming/campaigns/DMing.
Almost everything I do inevitably gets filtered through the lens of gaming.

Visiting ruined castles while travelling is the obvious extreme, but that flows all the way to - “wow that software at work could also be used to help my prep work.”

I do like to write stuff down & build websites for campaigns (mostly so the players “homework” is in one central location rather than in a host of emails), but all of that it just a way to help solidify what i want to use in a game & what i want it to look/feel like for the players - the rest of it is all “in the head” prepping in the mode Brett mentioned.

Painting minis - inspiration for gaming, reading novels - inspiration for gaming, nonfiction - again inspiration for gaming, movies…ditto.

Even my video gaming tend towards fantasy - and I look for missions to steal, mechanics, cool swords with different bonuses/abilities based on where they were forged (Witcher 3 did that to me).

Walking the dog on the trails near my home becomes “ohh - lizardmen could wait in ambush by the river there…that hillside & thicket would be difficult terrain…”

It very rarely shuts off, but it really is good to know I’m not the only one who quietly goes about his day being a fun, hopefully healthy, sort of crazy.