347 Lessons Learned Running an RPG

Brett wonders what kind of lessons did Sean learn when running one his most recent games. A GM’s journey is never over.



First let me say I appreciate the shoutout and I want to be clear that while I may listen to you to drown out the noise of children (something that’s been tough through the pandemic) you are so much more than “white noise.”

Unless that White Noise mans “diamonds” because that’s the value your podcast has to me. Kids have kept me from gaming as much as I’d like to and thus your banter feels like a lifeline to my people and to keep me feeling connected to the culture, the people and my beloved hobby. Plus it makes menial chores feel like I’m not toiling all alone but chatting with good folks while I work.

Secondly, I want to say this episode was by far one of my favorite. It was so introspective and deeper. I’m not sure if it was the engaging questioning/interviewing Brett did, the mental space Sean was in (maybe you need to be in a bad mood before recording more often), or if you just were really thinking about these elements.

I would love to hear more depth and engagement in the topics like this.

Keep up the great work!

Hermeticgamer aka The Doctor