345 Modifying Encounters on the Fly

That’s funny. :laughing: Have you tried to run ToH or played in it? In my experience, of all the original adventures, that’s by far the sloppiest/squishiest in terms of “run as written” -every single run has been subject to massive rulings work even before you get through the first real door.

The run I played in was blast, but I’m under no delusion that it wasn’t riddled with DM Rulings in every single encounter.

For example (spoiler) there is a cursed magic item that says to reverse the effects of a wish spell. Yeah. 100% on the fly DM dependent interpretation.

I think it’s great to share an experience like that with other groups, but in the case of Tomb of Horrors, I most often hear the stories of how the party died spectacularly! If I ever hear someone say: “Yeah. We beat ToH first try no problem” - that’s when I’d give them the side-eye! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol, this sounds like something a fedora tipping neckbeard would say. RPG’s truly attract some wacky characters.

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