343 Expecting Too Much from RPG's

RPG’s, source of joy, friendship, creativity, and much more. But for some of us they can become an obsession and possibly a crutch. We try and find the perfect game. Are we expecting too much?

Inspired from @rayotus’s post on the subject.


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First of all, I laughed pretty loud when @Sean jokingly told me to fuck off. I loved that. I certainly don’t want to be the sad sack that makes everyone depressed about their RPG love!

I think you all did a good job with the topic and hit a lot of perspectives. Certainly, when I wrote that post I needed balance and it had nothing to do with not having fun. I AM having fun with RPGs. Maybe too much fun. I discovered that I was using them to escape other things in life that needed my attention and when I felt down about RPGs it was more about guilt - the guilt of disappearing too much into the RPG hole and not spending a proper amount of time working hard, taking care of my physical health, relating to friends and family, and so on. So … the point. Sometimes you need balance EVEN WHEN you are having a good time with RPGs.

I play three times a week and love my groups, but for a well-rounded life (for me at least) I need to put my energy into other things too. I know @Fafhrd hunts. And I know - now - how much @Sean loves making risotto. So I know you guys know what I’m talking about! :smiley:


Brett: “don’t let your hobby fuck up serious shit in your life.” Yes. Yes.


Sound advice. :slight_smile:


As someone who spent time at a rough point

A. avoiding life by spending ALL of it at work (if I’m at work, I’m not dealing with MY life)
B. avoiding life by drinking (same “logic”)

I can respect not wanting to use game to avoid life, but there are for sure worse ideas.

Like risotto.