332 Unloading Gaming Gear

Having read this just now, I’m responding.

Out of spite.

Because I just bought a new book shelf today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One of the things I hope that @Sean and I made clear is that this purge activity is just something we wanted to do. This is not a prescriptive, “you too should do this” topic. I’m sure it’ll make some folks think, but I also know some folks who love their collections and have no intention of ever getting rid of any RPG goodies which is 100% Ok.


@Fafhrd Just speaking for myself, yes, I thought you were clear.

This is a topic that resonated with me because it is something I was trying to mentally tackle already before you and Sean discussed it. I’ve been gaming with very few interruptions for 36 years and throughout that time, I have also been a hardcore collector. I’ve gotten to the point where there is just “too much stuff.” I’ve rearranged our house numerous times to find space for all my shelves and I still have piles of books I don’t have space for. Still, the part of me that feels it is too much struggles with the part that wants to have it. This has resulted in cognitive dissonance and unnecessary stress. That’s why I ultimately decided to begin downsizing to the meaningful portion of my collection I really care about.

So I’ve begun using some of the suggestions here, the questions I should ask myself and I am working slowly. I’ll probably be offering some stuff on the swap section of the forums so keep an eye out. :slight_smile:


And if you have any 1st Ed AD&D stuff let me know - I might be willing to take it off your hands :slight_smile:

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There is definitely some 1E AD&D on my list of things to leave my collection. I’ll send you a list to see if there is anything you want.


I think I have three extra Dungeoneers Survival Guides. I think you said you needed more?

And regarding being prescriptive, I personally ignore all sorts of things you guys say.

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Interesting follow-up question. What books do you own multiple copies of?

I own 2 copies of A|State and 3 copies of Darkurthe Legends and CORPS.

Mainly because they’re all out of print, and among my favorite RPGs.

Interesting to hear how “normal” people think about these things.

I expect I fall in the collector* category - not that I have stuff in bags and cataloged - more like I bought my game stuff and it can be disbursed when I’m six feet underground.
The concept of NOT buying a bigger shelf for books is baffling to me.

I suspected if I ever get to Gencon or Gamehole or one of the big cons out east I’ll end up renting a truck & trailer to bring back my acquisitions.
Oh and I’ll have to go into hiding as I’ll never be able to pay off that sort of credit-card debt.

*Collector/hoarder - it’s a fine line.


I like this question!

I have four or five copies of Swords & Wizardry, some second printing, some third. One is dedicated as my “referee” book, full of notes and highlights. When I run—particularly at cons, all of these get use.

I have doubles of MERP/RM2. One copy of all of these is in a binder with page protectors for use. The rest are preserved with care, for nostalgic purposes.

I have two copies of OSRIC, one the big hardcover for reference purposes, the other the small, fat spiral-bound for ease of transport.

I’ve been considering getting a second copy of the Conan 2d20 Core Book (the two copies of the Players Guide I have kind of meets that at-table function, but they are missing Sorcery rules). I almost certainly will be ordering a second copy of Against the Darkmaster.

I think most of my doubles (or more) have practical uses, but, especially for these “niche” games (essentially anything that is not, precisely, some form of D&D), I foresee my gaming taking place exclusively online. So it’s becoming unclear just how many duplicates I’ll desire in the future. For online gaming, the cut-and-paste ease of PDFs is preferred, though I still prefer to learn a game by sitting down with hard copy.


Good point. I need to add a few more steps to my programming:

Are you willing to buy a new bookshelf to accommodate your habit? IF yes THEN …
Are you sure your wife is ok with that? If no THEN …


LOL - I actually have 3 of those so I’m set there.


Forgot. I also own two copies of ‘Streets of Avalon’. Because why not?


You are my new favorite gamer! :sunglasses:


I haven’t done a full survey, but I feel like the vast majority of my doubles are “table copies”. I have I think 4 HackMaster 5 PHBs, 4 HackMaster 4 PHBs, 3 DCC rulebooks, 3 Swords and Wizadry rulebooks, 3 C&C Players Books, so that when playing I can leave them out for players.


Part of my desire for multiple copies of certain books is that they are out of print (e.g. 1st ed. AD&D) and when I play at the table I like having more than one PHB on hand (I have 3 currently). It’s great to have some that are more rare copies than another, but overall I just want multiples so that I can have them in-play at the table.


Nothing wrong with multiple USE copies! That’s just cool. There are some books I’ve bought with the intent of using them at the table and giving them away if asked. For instance, Delving Deeper is my favorite retroclone of Oe (it’s more Oe than Oe, I like to say). And the book can be had for like $5 through Lulu. So if someone gets excited about the game, I’m like … why don’t you just take that book with you. (I have 5 copies right now.)


You’re not alone. Having multiple copies of the important books at the table is really convenient while playing.

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2xDeities & Demigods with Melnibone (don’t know whose the 2nd one is, I only owned one when I was a kid)
2x5e PHB (because I used to play with my sons’ friends, and only one of them owned the book)
2xDungeon World HC (because Adam and Sage or whomever shipped their stuff sent me 2 sets of everything I backed on the kickstarter. When I emailed and let them know and asked where to send one set back they said - “keep it”.)
I’ve also got 2 books from Far Future Enterprises that reprinted the old Classic Traveller adventures and double adventures. But I also have most of those now in Little Black Book form too.

Which reminds me, I have a ton of books in pdf that I also have in hard copy. Not sure if that’s what you meant @Tom


Remember that time we all bought the fantasy game that fixed all the problems of previous fantasy games? Man, that was a great investment. I’ve played nothing but that game we bought ever since.

Said no one ever.


To illustrate how much I don’t grok the concept of “unloading” I took a couple of pictures.
The bulk of the white file folders are Dragon & Dungeon magazines, and the rest contain modules.
I am in the middle of reorganizing the mess - but the plan is to buy more shelving space, not get rid of anything.
I’ve also resolved to migrate my box sets to the top of the main unit - freeing up a whole bunch of shelf space.