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Even our topic titles have minimum characters! Who set this up anyways?

Tonight we’re talking about the PC’s reliance on NPC’s. Thanks to @Gabe for bringing this one to our attention.


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Thank you for everyone that has given their attention and time to our show over the last 300 episodes.


I believe I speak for all of us when I say the pleasure has been all ours! You guys are rock stars or should I say RPG stars? Thanks for doing the podcast!


300 episodes.

Its epic to note that its been over 5 and a half years of weekly shows, and it still feels like I’m in a conversation with friends. (Except I can’t talk back or join in in real-time.) Still the best gaming podcast I’ve listened to, and it just keeps pressing on.


I gotta admit, I got some warm fuzzies listening to the end of this one. In response to your ‘thank you’ at the end, just let me say it has been my pleasure to support you two. You produce shows week in and week out, almost without fail, regardless of your health, mood, or inspiration and you always deliver something of quality. The worst shows are still good, and the best shows give me something to chew on that eventually ends up influencing my games. Of course the real achievement in some ways will be show 301. It would be really easy to reach a milestone like that and gracefully bow out. Instead, you seem as fresh as ever. Looking forward to what this year brings. @Fafhrd @sean


Also, I should probably thank you for your inspiration in making my own podcast, which has a “gross” of episodes (144) already. But you certainly don’t need to mention it on air.

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Without our listeners this show wouldn’t have lasted this long - we learn so much and have grown into better gamers because of all of you. Thank you!


A sincere thank you to you, Brett, your families and the great number of guest creators of rpg material. This show truly would not be the same without you all! It has been a privilege to support this venture even without the perks of early access and online games. A very warm wish that the show will continue in the same vein for a long time!

Ps: you can tell this is sincere since I write this AFTER being the only casualty (onscreen) in your Mothership game.

Happy trails!

Curtis Takahashi


Thanks @rayotus! Everyone, in case you didn’t know, Ray did our zip zaps artwork. We may need to commission you to do some work for some t-shirts. Note: need to plug the Ray podcast.


good idea! Something along the lines of: Gaming and BS: the coming of the 300!!!?


Great episode, guys! Congrats on reach 300, that’s an impressive milestone!

Your talk on NPCs got me thing about my recent D&D campaign using Out of the Abyss. It was a pain in the ass having to think about, and run, all the NPCs the module sets up in the first chapter. I think there were 12 of them, and that’s not even considering the number of drow in the outpost. DM overload!

When the party escaped into the Underdark and we were in combat I’d forget to narrate the NPC actions all the time and it became almost a running joke when one of them died during the encounters. By the end the party wasn’t putting in too much effort to save them.

In fact, that campaign fizzled out. One of the members had to drop out for personal reasons. The other three in the group said they were enjoying the game but they felt it lacked direction. I can see their point. I dropped lots of clues on the demonic threat using stuff I homebrewed, in particular an encounter with a Green Hag. Hell, they even had to sneak past a major Orcus temple surrounded by undead, but to the group it just felt like they were running through the Underdark to avoid the drow instead of this major demonic threat. I’m not too upset about it, I’m blaming the module! Hah!

And those same three players are in my Mothership game so when we dropped Out of the Abyss, we upped the number of Mothership games we play every week! WIN!

Looking forward to all the future episodes and all the wisdom bombs you, and the BSer’s community, continues to drop.

All the best!