291 One Campaign to Another

@Tom mentioned running a campaign with one group and then running it for another, how you need to change your expectations as it is rarely the same experience.


It is never the same! Which is a good thing.


It can be a good thing. However, if the first campaign went very well, it can be hard not to try and recreate that. As long as you can go in with no expectations, you’re okay. If you haven’t done it before, though, it can take some mental adjustment.

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Because our local AL crew ran a lot of hardcover adventures, we’ve got a lot of local stories about how different groups handled similar challenges. One of the AL tables was notorious for making every possible bad decision when they were playing Out of the Abyss.

I ran Storm King’s Thunder (using Lost Mines of Phandelver as a starting point), and I’ve got a blog post all about what I would do if I ran it again.


I have so many ideas of what I would do differently, including the order of resolving the plot of the adventure. I loved it, but it kind of fell apart towards the end, and lost some clarity.

While not published adventures, I started two Star Wars Age of Rebellion campaigns where I would love to start new campaigns with the same setup.

One campaign was the PCs going undercover as military contractors at an Imperial shipyard, trying to sabotage the whole she-bang while trying to recruit local insurgents, and another one has to do with all of the PCs starting six months before they enter the Rebellion, playing through the first session when the Empire ravaged their planet, then skipping ahead six months with them already in the Alliance.

I had to watch Brett’s recent Avalon one shot, because I was also a former Reverend Cat, and I can attest that my Reverent Cat (cleric of Hermes and ‘matron mother’ of the street urchin runners), was definitely different than others I saw.

This is why it is important to take notes. Everyone has the potential to come up with an idea that nobody else would ever think of. Otherwise, this hobby would definitely not have the same charm and it is why I do think it is best to plan things too far in advance.

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You know… I don’t think I’ve ever tried…?