288 Changes to Playing RPGs Online

A couple of thoughts from me on this episode.

I’ve been running Fantasy Grounds for a while now, out of convenience that my group can sneak in a game after we put our small children to bed (three of the six players have kids under 3). It has it’s perks, but I know I for one would still far rather play face to face, but it’s WAAAAAYYYYY better than nothing. I have started adding tools to my tool box, including music and sound. You guys were talking about getting too tied up in it, which I believe fortunately I have the inverse issue. I forget it. A lot. Which is cool, it makes it a bit more punctuated when I remember it. As far as other tool, I get a LOT of mileage out of OneNote when running my online game. Also, while I know voice is more popular than video, my preference if I can’t meet face to face, is video. I feel like it’s a lesser barrier than voice alone, and keep the game more personal. And speaking of barriers, my last point. i had a first time gamer play a one shot with me last week. Good friend of mine, mutual nerd/ coworker/ drinking buddy, but hadn’t ever gamed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a first time gamer take to it so quickly. He didn’t have to figure out which dice what which, when to add what modifiers, or anything. He just had to hit the right button on his character sheet.

Anyway, stay safe. Cheers.



I think Brett has it exactly right here. We’ve been playing over Zoom lately, and it’s worked fine for our gaming style. I’m a tinkerer, though, and have been looking at Roll20. The urge to try and use all the features is hard to resist. Our group is (for the most part) not all that technically oriented, so I need to keep what they need to do to a minimum. Mainly I would just be using the handout option, putting up pictures, etc. We might occasionally use the map. We don’t use one of the supported systems, so basic is best. But still…I keep looking up fog of war, adapting maps and secret GM layers, etc. etc. etc. etc.

I really need to just stop and run the game like on Zoom. I actually might stay with Zoom just to resist temptation to tinker…but Roll20 is so shiny…

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