287 GM's rolling dice for players

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I GM online, specifically on Roll 20, so skill checks perception… are divided, arbitrarily by me, into two groups:

Things that change the roleplay, like intimidate, are GM rolls that the player sees but not the other players. It is the difference between “Stinky the Dwarf sidles up to the guard, stroking his axe and muttering ‘Wait until we hear his answer sweety’” and “Knuckles the thief minces up to the guard, reaches for his buckle knife and accidentally drops his pants.”

Things that change the characters health etc., like climbing a wall, are handled with an API script BlindRoll!, only the GM sees the roll. That is the difference between " I carefully inch up the wall 5 frrt and then slowly move north along the wall." and “You get about halfway up the 50’ wall when your suddenly pitching backwards with a loose stone in your hand you take twelve damage and roll a Con save.”


Listening to this right now.
This is a thing I struggle with. I’ve considered using a dice tower… do people feel better when YOU’RE rolling into a die tower?


i think it really depends on the people.

my friends will draw blood if i say I am rolling anything for them…


While listening to this episode, couldn’t help thinking about the number of mainstream TV shows with special D&D episodes. Big Bang Theory, Community, etc. Every time I see someone playing D&D on these shows, the GM rolls all the dice. Even when characters talk about buying new dice for the game.

Whatup with that?!!

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TBBG actually rolled dice in a couple of the episodes.

There was a day when the DM owned the only set of dice. It was normal. Often, PC attack rolls were made in the players side of the screen. Sometimes the d20 was passed around.

And that kind of dice sharing ain’t gonna fly in this new age.

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Yeah. That’s one of the reasons I mentioned it. :slight_smile:

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If the GM would roll, it would probably result in major longevity for my characters. My dice hate me.