279 Folklore Foes

Folklore Foes – how can we use the aspects of folklore monsters/foes to make our encounters new and fresh? Take a creature and give it different immunities and vulnerabilities. Inspired by Zee Bashew’s video on youtube.

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I know I for one don’t really care when the show is recorded or released. I like it being weekly, but respect this is not your job. My work schedule is irregular, and I tend to enjoy the show on the way to and from work, so whenever I get it, I get it. That said, I’m also not gonna slack off and be weeks behind :wink: .

As far as the episode. I respect why some folks might want to use average rolls for things, but I don’t think this method is for me. My players already “do the math” enough as it is, if they knew how much damage was coming, or how many HPs a potion heals, I think it would take out some of the unexpected nature of adventure. And, since this episode is about keeping the wonder in the game… I think I’ll stick to dice. And to that end, that’s part of the reason I really like systems like HackMasters exploding dice or DCC’s spell effects being based on a high roll- they both make the game even less predictable.

Interesting monsters and having to figure it out. I really liked this episode. One memorable moment from my past was running 4th edition HackMaster, and the group came across Mud Orges. I may have the name wrong, and maybe the module wrong as well (I think it was Annihilate the Giants), but they were fighting these large humanoid monsters, and the group would have them on the ropes, the things would retreat to their muddy pit, and come out no worse for the wear. This cycle repeated a couple times, and now the party was getting the rough end of things. Well, someone in the party figured it out, that the things were being healed by the mud, and the next time the things retreated, the group started just volleying fireballs back there. Massive damage, and they wanted to cook the mud. Job well done.

One more thing, listening to this episode, I was thinking of another podcast, “Myths and Legends”. It has a lot of neat lore and monsters, as well as a rather interesting and brief “creature of the week.”



I’m at the point where I’m caught up on all the podcasts I listen too (I haven’t listened to the whole BS backlog so I could go back to those if nothing else is available). I never listen to the episodes early, waiting until they’re released so it’s available through Google podcasts. I listen to them while doing housework. My commute is a 15-20 min walk, and I try to enjoy being outdoors then.

Thanks for the announcement of Meeplestock @sean and @Fafhrd . Fry line? You can’t get fried cheese curds or fish fry in Madison?


I agree about the average value thing. It’ll speed things up for sure, and if I had to deal with a player who rolls … one … die … at … a … time, I’d certainly welcome anything that would fix that situation. But even though I don’t go full-on DCC about it, I really like how swingy things can get during a game, and taking average values tends to make things too predictable for my tastes.


Great episode, guys.

I’m one of those people who listens to the ep as soon as I can after it drops.

I’ve been tweaking creatures in the Monster Manual just to mess with my players, like you’ve discussed.

I also like the average + a die for slamming many healing potions. I think after three potions, I’d up the die to a d6, but solid advice.

On a technical level… I did note near the end when Brett is talking about reading some of his kids books that the background audio drops out abruptly. And since I have been editing video all week, I might suggest having some “room tone” to put underneath?


I almost always use the MM’s average damage just for speed.
The part about adding dice up I found funny, my middle son played in my group for a few years after high school. He always added his dice up on his fingers. While in school he was on the math team and competed in upper level algebra competitions and was fairly good. I would give him a hard time about being a math wiz using fingers and he would just laugh and shrug, giving me a goofy look. Sometimes I think people just get into a habit and always do things the same way with out giving the matter much thought.
As for monsters I will switch things on my monsters and critters all the time, rules lawyers be dammed. Lol. I think re-skining monsters with other stats is a great way to challenge the players. Nothing to radical, but enough to keep the players on their toes. I really love the thought of the mythical beast having a certain weakness. You know, like Superman and Kryptonite. Poor picked on and misunderstood Lex Luther could defeat that monster and save the city if he could just find that magical rock.
I may have that legend a little ascuew, but perspective can change a whole encounter.


You can get 'em - but, for my money, it’s usually better north of here.


it’s usually better north of here.


@NOLAbert, I don’t understand your re-release statement. I’m either dumb or missing something. Do you listen through two different programs?


Maybe I’m the dumb one. Aren’t the podcasts released a day early for Patreon supporters? I hate the Patreon interface, so I just wait until the podcast shows up in Google Podcasts. I support a number of Youtube creators too and do the same thing. I don’t want to go to Patreon for content except PDF downloads, with one exception: Runehammer releases podcasts to Patreon supporters only through Patreon. I have to listen to them there for his. But I can tell you those are the last podcasts I listen to because I tend to forget about it and like I said, I hate the Patreon interface.


I have an XML feed for Patreon, so it will be pulled by my podcatcher (Apple Podcasts) when the Patreon version is released.


You just have to log into Patreon, get special RSS feed and put that into your catcher. Done. No longer having to go into Patreon.

I just hope Google keeps their current podcast thing in place. They’ve been a mess for podcasters, IMO. You’re better off using a catcher and searching OR going to website and loading native RSS.


Got cha.
Yeah, I gave up on Google’s podcast service 2 names ago. I just use PocketCasts, and as Sean said, use the RSS address. 9/10. Will recommend.

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You guys are my weekly podcast - drive to work, at the gym, and especially walking the dog, you’re both great company.
I grew up with regularly scheduled programming and in the world of PVRs and Binge-watching Netflix, I never watch anything when it’s “on.”
I don’t care which day it drops - I just want to have a lengthy podcast - and I really really really don’t want or care for a stream.
I’m concerned messing about to go “live” will just complicate an already great thing.

NOTE - I’m replying to this before I’ve listened to the rest of the podcast - so take this an an urgent request to NOT fix what ain’t broke!


I can assure you, it will not be a distraction. it’s literally a bonus for Patreons allowing them to interact with each other, is all.

As with most of the other comments it does not matter to me when the episode comes out, AS LONG AS IT DOES!! I am new to the podcast and I am current since August now I am just going through all of the 2019 episodes. My one question that I had after the podcast and watching the videos from Zee Bashew’s. What are some of the Apps, websites, online sites etc… Does everyone use, there seems to be a bazillion out there but what are the trusted or should I say better ones that everyone uses. Thanks to an older episode I found out about Roll 20, I had no idea that was an option and this has given me, a new hobbyist, an opportunity play more.

Thanks to everyone for letting me join your community.

Mike from Idaho

Oh man, yeah, you gotta know about Roll20, Mike. Thanks for listening!

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Fair enough Sean!
It occurred to me I was expressing an opinion on something I’ve been engaging with for free - which is kind of a dick move - so I just signed up to your Patreon!
So long as you guys don’t take on extra “work” that would distract from work, homelife, gaming time & the existing awesome product!

(your prioritization of the order of the above options may vary).

Keep up the great stuff,
Newest Bs’er - Rory

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Mike, just speaking for me.

I use Fantasy Grounds vs Roll20 (buying software vs subscription being my deciding factor there), my group uses Hangouts for video on game night, and I use OneNote for notes. That’s about it for me!

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No worries Rory. You don’t have to be a Patreon to continue to get us every week. We find the stream to be a ‘value add’ (ugh, I did corporate speak!!) to those that contribute financially. We’re just happy you actually devote an hour of your time to listen, and some extra time to be part of the community. Thank you!

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This is definitely a good gaming community. I like the neighborhood and plan on keeping my house here. The schools are good, I learn a lot of gaming stuff and theories. The streets are in good shape my, minis never fall over. It pretty peaceful. Except for the sounds of dice rolling and gleeful exclamations the neighborhoods real quiet. Yes sir re, just one of those place’s you glad to call home!