263 Sub-Optimal Play in RPG’s

I know I engage in this suboptimal play when either the other players or the GM/DM have gotten the players into bad behavior. For example: DM has decided to be over zealous in trapping things and now the party is starting to search for traps at every turn. Or the party was ambushed by something and now they are deciding that they are going to proceed with overt caution. I’m good with all of this until it slows down actual play at the table. I came here to play a hero, not a nervous mouse who is afraid of his own shadow. It’s at this point I’m going to check to see if this behavior is actually justified by my character, and if its not, I’m going to slam through the door without checking for traps, run up to the sarcophagus kick open the lid and toss in flaming oils yelling at the top of my lungs. This suboptimal play on my part is done to kick the GM/DM into realizing the table is stalled out and have help move the play forward. I guess this means I occasionally get called a “Leeroy Jenkins”… But there are worse things…


I saw this and had to add it to the thread about this topic.