2300 AD and the Mongoose Factor

Okay folks, here’s my situation.

I’m running Mongoose Traveller 2300AD 1e for my next game and I’ve a major question: How many of you would be disappointed for a Traveller game - 2300 AD in partiicular - to lack starship combat? I’m seriously thinking about leaving the Kafer ships as “set pieces” and having the PCs just deal with the Kafers on the ground (or deckplates, as it were).

The reason I ask this is the fact that Mongoose has a reputation (at least in my wheelhouse) of doing a half-arsed job on its licenses. They put out a prodigious amount of product and talk a good talk, but in the end, you look behind all the shiny and find a half-finished mesh of wires, sawdust, and lost tools. Their original 2300AD book barely covered a fraction of the ships in the entirety of the original 2300AD game, and the book itself would have been better had it contained ALL the rules instead of making people bounce back and forth between the core book and the setting book.

And now from the back I hear someone saying, “Well, why don’t you run the ORIGINAL 2300AD?”

That’s a good idea, except I have two players (a married couple of old timers, no less) who are “tired” of having to learn “new” (to them) systems, and a lot of players in my area either refuse to play “old and broken” games or are so smitten with Pathfinder and D&D (or lazy) that they can’t see past Organized Play. Granted, yes, we’ll be meeting online due to the omicron variant, and that should give me more options for players, but that does little to quell my anxiety over the whole matter.

So I’m going to close this out with one word before I fall babbling off a cliff: Help

When I ran Mongoose Traveller I didn’t do much ship combat - my campaign was more about politics and persons. The ships were a location for things to occur internally more than a focus for combat.

Action/fights happened on/inside ships and on planets and space stations more.

Not sure if that helps in any way, but it worked for me.

I have minimal traveller, but same as Fafhrd above. Very little vehicle scale action.