12/18/19 Tarrasque Takedown in Berkeley California

Ever want to take down a Tarrasque? Well, Wednesday 12/18/19 6pm @Games of Berkeley is your chance!

Up to 8 players will control pregenerated level 20 characters vs. one suped-up Tarrasque (any maybe some other surprises) is this 3 hour one-shot.

Players should bring favorite dice, and maybe a PHB (mostly for spells and special effects, which you will be responsible to describe when used.)

  1. Sorry, no new players. You must have experience with high-level (Tier 3+) D&D 5e play.

  2. Seats are first come, first served starting NOW.
    To reserve your seat, you must visit Games of Berkeley and sign up in person.
    The store’s standard 5for5 policy applies to this game.

  3. This session may be streamed/recorded for store promotion/YouTube - so please don’t sign up if you don’t want to be recorded for posterity.

  4. I ran this once before this year - if you’ve played in it, please do not ask to join this run unless there are seats available as of 6pm Wednesday.

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Damn, Randy, we’re going to miss getting this into the show before the event. :frowning:

That’s ok. I was just looking to see if folks on the boards were interested.